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About The Book

Cam"s Sneakers Series 

Cam's Sneakers is a heartwarming tale about childhood attachments to comfort items. Sneakers and a bear are Cam's items of choice. They

helped him to feel secure, loved and happy, until the day his sneakers disappeared.

Cam the Giraffe and his animal friends take us on a journey of lost and found. Through the experience of Cam losing his sneakers, we are able to empathize with his loss and to understand the sneakers level of importance in his life and how the loss affected him. Will Cam find his special sneakers? Read to find out.

Cam"s Sneakers Series 
Cam"s Sneakers Series Grandma's Love 

This book takes us on a journey down memory lane , where the little giraffe Cam,  shares unforgettable moments with his grandmother Bea(Bee). Hugs, laughter, treats, nature and unconditional love makes the heart smile.

Written in Rhyme, easy text to read, and sight words.

Written during  during lockdown , when the  entire world lost so many . This book beautifully depicts the cycle of life in a thoughtful way. It reminds us to treasure all the good times spent with the ones we love most.

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