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Karen Pessoa is a self-published author from Toronto, Canada. She is childlike at heart, and it comes as no surprise that she has dedicated her adult life to being an Early Childhood Educator, in the private sector. Presently she specializes in supporting children with special needs. She has a gentle and caring nature with the children in her care. They gravitate towards her like bees to honey. She is skilled at keeping the children calm, with captivating storytelling abilities.

Karen's love of children’s storytelling and the world of make-believe ignited her passion for writing stories for young children.

Cam's Sneakers is Karen's debut book for young children and older readers alike, with many more to come.

She was born in the sunny  island  of Kingston, Jamaica, on the 14th of August 1965.

Their  family migrated in 1974   Toronto, with only a suitcase in hand, filled with her most prized possessions. At the tender age of 9, the transition was difficult as she left her friends and extended family behind. Her deepest regret was leaving her beloved dog Rover.

She grew up in the 70s and 80s before the cell phone or smart Tv. She would cringe talking about her age. It was a well-kept secret until now.

Looking back playgrounds, the beach and friendships are memories she recalls fondly. The only call to get home in time for dinner in her youth would have been the street lamps clicking on before dusk, or her mom running down the street towards her with a kitchen utensil.

She is a divorced mom with 2 adult children and a proud  grandmother of one. Her family is sometimes embarrassed by her outrageous dance moves, amusing behaviour and joyous laughter.

Her granddaughter at the age of 5, is of the opinion that she is not only the master of kids crafts but the Supper queen as well.

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