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Almost ready to be released to the world

Cam’s Sneakers is an incredible new story, almost ready to be released to the world. This heartfelt and charming children’s book will be a pleasure for both children and parents alike to read. This is no ordinary children’s story. This is a book that hopes to stand the test of time and leave behind a legacy.

As the Author of Cam’s Sneakers, I have overcome many challenges in the creation of this story. From the design and marketing to self publishing of my book, I faced every obstacle with great determination and came through the other side a true success story.

And here we are again facing the newest challenge, Coronavirus. In light of Covid-19, I want to update you all about the upcoming book release and what the future may hold for Cam’s Sneakers in these uncertain times.

I always dreamt of this book release as something that would bring joy to children and families across the globe. Cam’s Sneakers release would bring people together no matter age, gender or race. And now more than ever Cam’s Sneakers can be the glue that reunites us all in these uncertain times and bring us all the peace we so desperately need.

The tale of Cam’s Sneakers is one of friendship, one of love, one of comfort. And I think we can agree that everyone needs a bit of that right now. Cam reminds us all that family is everything, and that in time of distress, it is easier to overcome this by pulling together as one.

In the story comfort items are used to get Cam through the hard times when he lost his beloved Sneakers. I hopes that the story of Cam’s Sneakers could be your comfort item that could help you and your children stay positive in these dark times ahead.

So cuddle up in favorite pj’s and get lost in the world of Cam, the Giraffe and all the rest of the animal friends in this highly anticipated new story.

The last few weeks have been a stressful time for me, in trying to complete and finalize the last parts of the journey of Cam’s Sneakers for public release. The book will be published in the very near future to be a light in the midst of Covid-19. Upon release Cam’s Sneakers will be available for purchase in all major online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Ingram Spark. So what are you waiting for?

We are living in unprecedented times and know one knows how or when this nightmare will end. But the important thing to remember to all of this is the things that we can control like happiness and health. Both of which as the creator of Cam’s Sneakers, I wish upon everyone.

The creation of Cam’s Sneakers was a struggle, but I hope that my perseverance in not giving up on my dreams in creating this incredible story, you will not lose sight of all the important things in your life. Family.

We hope that the release of Cam’s Sneakers will bring some light into your life in these times that are rather grey.

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