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How to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic when you have young children

During such uncertain times it can be extremely worrying for families with young children with knowing how to keep everyone happy and occupied throughout the very repetitive days we have ahead. I know that for the children themselves this a very confusing time for them. And they will have so many questions running around there head. Why am I not at school? Why can’t I leave the house? Why are mommy and daddy home all day? Many children across the globe are experiencing these confusing feelings of fear and anxiety. And this can also take place in the form of different behaviour such as sleepless nights or unrelated anger. That’s why in the wake of this pandemic it is so important to ensure the safety of your children’s mental health, by keeping them happy, occupied and stimulated. With most families across the world in lockdown, you may be wondering about how to keep your children occupied and helping them learn as schools are closed. It is a proven fact that reading helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and I can personally support this. It is so important to encourage children to read, especially in these uncertain times where no one knows when schools will reopen. With all this extra time at home however, it may be hard to keep children from using technology excessively. I recommend finding stimulating activities for young children. Not only will this occupy them for longer, but it will improve their overall mental health. Incorporate new activities into their routine and make sure they are staying active, even if this means dancing around the house if you are unable to get outside. Alternatively get them cooking, playing with educational toys or games such as puzzles, or reading. Young children may be oblivious to the severity of Covid-19, but they may still feel unsettled by the changes in your families routine, or pick up on the fact that people around them are worried and upset. So be kind and patient to support each other through this. The role parents will play over the coming weeks and months will have a huge impact on children's health and education, with maintaining routines being a key challenge for everyone. Spending so much time together will probably be a struggle you will all have to face. But face it as a family, and you will find that it makes these isolated times so much easier. My new book, Cam’s Sneakers, focuses on the friendship and strong bonds we have with each other through hard times. I hope that Cam’s Sneakers can be a comfort item to your children to help them stay positive in these scary times. GET A COPY on Amazon ca also Barnes and Noble. So take some inspiration from my upcoming book, Cam’s Sneakers, and get you and your children involved in family friendly activities such as colouring, art and board games. We are living in unprecedented times but choose to take a positive outlook. Enjoy this time spent together with your family and treasure every minute of it.

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