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It’s official! Cam’s Sneakers is almost ready to be released

An incredible story with a heartfelt message; Cam’s Sneakers is almost ready to be released to the world. This endearing and charming children’s book will be a delight to read over and over again for both kids and parents alike.

To truly understand the moral journey of this upcoming story sensation, you must first learn about the journey of its creator, Karen Pessoa. When Karen first started creating and writing the book of Cam’s Sneakers it was all about the storytelling. As a experienced writer, publishing her own book had been a dream. But with this dream came greater responsibilities. Karen had no idea where to start when it came to the books marketing, designing, illustrations or communications with external bodies such as IBSN. This was not going to stop her though.

With the vision of creating something entirely from scratch, entirely on her own, the author was taking on a huge challenge which came with big risks for the future of the book. Would it get published on time? Will the designs fit the intended brand image? At every turn there were obstacles to face, but there was nothing more satisfactory to Karen Pessoa than staring adversity in the face and proving the strength of her determination.

The creation of Cam’s Sneakers had so many moving parts to juggle at once and Karen will tell you herself, at times it was a struggle. Some days it felt like the impossible task but never losing sight in the dream ensured that the end goal was reached.

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